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Memorial Service of Vitaliy Bondarenko

For these past couple weeks our church had gone through a lot of different events. Some of them are filled with joy and happiness and some of them are not so much, it seems that all of these events would be enough to last us for months. On May 27th our beloved Pastor Vitaliy Bondarenko has passed away. He had gone peacefully and quietly in his sleep. Prior to that, he was able to say good bye to his family and church, and leave words of wisdom, from the book of Joshua “Do not be afraid”, to his son Bogdan, who is now our new pastor. On June 1st, we had memorial service for our pastor Vitaliy Bondarenko where many people were sharing testimonies and memories about him. It was really sad because of a great loss we had, however it was a celebration at the same time since we all understood that he was already in heaven. On June 2nd, we had a burial service where many people came to say goodbye to the pastor Vitaliy Bondarenko. Here again, we heard many great stories and testimonies and how much he had influenced on people. We will remember him as a person who always smiled and encouraged others no matter of what circumstances he was surrounded by.  



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