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Community Work Day 2017

     Recently our church had a Community Work Day where we felt as one big family. Our church gathered active and joyful youth, serious and focused brothers, and skillful and diligent sisters to help with church clean-up. Together we finished our kitchen renovation, updated our sunday school classrooms, cleaned up the courtyard, removed debris, expanded the parking lot, and created a fresh and welcoming look for our church. All the fun of course belonged to the kids as they ran between stations and tried to help each department as they could. There was plenty of work for all ages  ! In between there was a great feast for everyone which was prepared by the Tsybulsky family, Tanya Opalchuk, Lina Bajun, Katya Akimenko and their helpers. Everything was delicious! Even the rain, which, according to the forecast, had to go all day, appeared only occasionally and did not interfere with the pleasant atmosphere. By the end of the day, everyone was a little tired, but it was a good kind of tired as everyone worked together for the Glory of God.


Living Stream Church